AR15 and .308 80% Receivers and Jigs

JIGS:    In Stock!!!

We make CNC precision drilled fixture jigs for completing a 0%-80% AR-15 or .308 lower receiver. All jigs are drilled to mill-spec. standards. The jigs can be used over and over again. We have been making these jigs for over 12 years with excellent customer appreciation of the product. These jigs are the best on the market in both quality and a ability to complete a lower, whether you have a 0% or 80%. They work with all forgings and just about all billet lowers on the market.

The Basic Jig comes with side plates only for those who do not need the top plates. The Deluxe Jig comes with two interchangable top plates to mill the fire control pocket and trigger slot. The side plates allow drilling of the trigger pin holes, selector hole, mag-release hole, bolt-stop spring hole, and take down pins.

PRICE:  AR-15 Basic Jig  $85.00 each (in stock and ready to ship)

             AR-15 Deluxe Jig with milling plates  $100 each (in stock and ready to ship)

PRICE:  .308  Basic Jig  $100.00 each (in stock and ready to ship)

             .308 Deluxe Jig with milling plates  $120 each (in stock and ready to ship)


80% RECEIVERS:   In Stock!!!

Our AR-15 and .308 80% lowers are made from solid billet aluminum on CNC mills. They are made after the Armalite style configuration. We add bigger radius' to beef up the receivers. We have been making these 80% lowers for over 12 years with precision.

PRICE:    AR-15  80% lower $150.00 each (in stock)

PRICE:    .308 80% lower  $225.00 each (in stock)



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